Music Monday #4

Hello lovely people!

I am back from with another song. I was meaning to post more, but I got super busy over the past couple of weeks. There has been a lot of things going on for the past week. More work wise then emotional wise.

I was on on the internet looking around for new music when I stumbled upon Spotify. I’ve been on Spotify before but they didn’t have it available in my country. This time when I re-found it I was able to sign up and all that jazz. So this is how I found the song for you guys. It’s called “Leaving California”-Maroon 5.




Music Monday #3

Hey Readers!

I’m Karly, my blog is TheWorldButNotReally, this week Joe and I thought we’d do something a little different on our blogs. As you can tell from the title, I’ll be writing this weeks Music Monday and Joe will be writing a Tune Tuesday that goes up on my site tomorrow. So if you’ve come over from The World But Not Really, welcome to Stay Bright. Be Colourful! For those of you who have no idea who I am, which I’m guessing is the vast majority, I’d love it if you’d drop by, say hi and see what I’m all about. But without further ado, here’s the song I wanted to share with all of you!

This Music Monday is One October Song by Nico Stai and besides the fact that I love this song, I thought it was fitting since it’s the first Monday of the month. I discovered this song while watching a rerun of the show Chuck a few weeks ago and after hearing a few lines of the song, I had to search it up to listen to the full version. Let’s just say that I’ve been listening to it a lot ever since, so I hope you enjoy it too!


Joe and I would love to know if you’d like to see more guest posts on each others blogs more often! Maybe we could make this a monthly thing? Let us know!

Thanks For Reading


I Hope To See You All Soon 🙂 ~ Karly

Disney Poem- (#4) 100 Days of My Life

Hello Blog!

I’m in a wonderful mood, and I’ve decided to share one of the poems I’ve written. I wrote this particular one when I was in grade 9. We were writing poems inspired by “Instructions” By Neil Gaiman. My english teacher wanted us to write our own “Instructions” poem and the theme for mine was Disney. It was instructions about being yourself, and living the life you wanted not what others want for you.

Comment down below if you can guess who each verse is inspired by 😉  It’s time for me to go back to doing homework and you are loved ❤

Screen Shot 2014-10-04 at 7.04.48 PM



Quote of the Day – #3 100 Days of My Life

Hey Blog!

Happy first day of October! I’m super excited for fall, and all the cozy sweaters, warm drinks, and fall leaves. I hope you are all too! So this quote I have for you, I originally found on a instagram. It really spoke to me when I saw it, because of all of whats happening at school. A lot of the time, I will come up with an idea for school projects, and sometimes I will be extreme proud of my work but only the ones who I am close with will understand and see that.

This quote means a lot, but for me its hard to explain it. I hope this means to you, so you can understand the meaning of the quote and understand.

Its 10:07pm, and you are LOVED.

“When you do something noble and beautiful and nobody notices, do not be sad. For the sun every morning is a beautiful spectacle and yet most of the audience still sleep.” -John Lennon

Yours truly,


5 Life Hacks- #2 100 Days of My Life

Hello Blog!

Lately I’ve been using these life hacks to help my life be a bit more easier. So here are 5 Life hacks that might help you this week!

1. How to get dry nails FASTER


For all you nail polish fanatics, this one is for you. After painting your nails, and letting your nails air dry for a while, run your nails under cold water. This will speed up the process of drying!

2. How to study with Q-cards


Do you have a test coming soon? Well don’t worry! Here is how to use the most out of a Q-card! Begin by cutting your card in horizontally, by doing that you will now have 2 Q-card instead of 1, with a lot of wasted space! To keep them organized, hole punch the corner and put it through a carabiner!

3. How to get rid of MAKEUP smudges 


For those who somehow end up with mascara, or eyeliner on their under eyes, here is how to clean it up WITHOUT MAKEUP REMOVER! First start by grabbing your daily moisturizer (without fragrance), vaseline, or plain lip balm. Any of the product listed will work. Start by putting a small amount of the product on a Q-tip, cotton pad or sponge. Use it to carefully wipe up the area. Then bang! You have a clean smudge-less face!

4. How to open a JAR


Here are some hacks for opening up Jars, bottles,etc. You will need one of the following, rubber band (preferably the wide thin ones),  rubber glove, or a wooden spoon ( or something heavy). With the rubber band, wrap it around the lid, then twist. With the rubber glove, put it on, then begin to twist. This should be easier that using your bare hands! For the wooden spoon, or the heavy, hand-sized object, start tapping around the lid to loosen it up.

5. How to wrap your macbook CHARGING CORD


Hello all you Mac users! This is a simple way to wrap your cord without it tangling. Instead of wrapping the thin cord first, start wrapping the thick cord parallel to where begins. Then wrap the thin cord parallel to where it begins. From there you can clip the thin cord which helps hold the cord together!

I hope you all enjoyed this! Please check out the rest of my blog if you like!

Its 8:16pm and you are loved!


100 Days of My Life – “Am I good enough?”

Hey Blog!

This is the start of what might be the worst thing I’ve ever thought of, or the best thing! Have any of you heard of “100 days of happiness”? Well this is like it. I know that not everyday I will be “happy” and this blog is more about life then just happiness. I want to document 100 days of my life, and see whether I can blog for 100 days consecutively. I hope you come along for this journey with me:)

One of my biggest fears are being judge. I hate it with a passion. The moment when you walk into a room, and all you are thinking is, “What are they saying about me?” ,”Is there something wrong with me?” ,”Do they hate me?”. Thoughts just running through my head about their judgement. Being a teenager, its even worst because there are so many unrealistic ideas about how you should be, look, act and everything. We all get to a point where we ask ourselves,  “Are we good enough?”

Being myself as an awkward small teenager I often get underestimated. I feel as if people think less of me as a person and what I’m capable of. Adults that I’ve worked with can suddenly become more controlling when they are with me, because they are “older”, “wiser”, “bigger”, “maturer” or even “taller”. I personally think its ridiculous. I mean, I am not stupid, I can see it in your face that you underestimate me. I think when some people look at me, they see my height, my little stature, my timid and demure aura. Those who first judge me like that, tend to just see me as that. Nothing more. They wouldn’t try to see me past the outside. I think, that who you are on the outside shouldn’t matter.

I have the up most respect for those willing to look beyond the outer shell. Those who are welcoming in a way that allows me to recognize they care about more than, “what can I think you do?” But rather, “what are you capable of?” These people are the ones who see the potential in anyone. They see capability in everyone, no matter who they are. I wish there will be more people like that. For the world needs more. We need to be open-minded, to see this the rest of life. Those who do, I personally think, will be happier in the long run. They see the brighter side to life.

I hope you can all take from this. Learn to be those who are willing to see potential in all.

“I am on my way for a better life.”

I hope you are having a great day! Its late, and you are LOVED



Music Monday #2

Hello Blog!

Good Monday to all of you! I know I missed a couple mondays, but I’ll try to write a music monday whenever I’m here on a monday.

Today’s music monday song is called Elsewhere by Heyrocco, I found it yesterday written in my notebook. One of my friends actually showed me this song a while ago! So enjoy and I hope you are have a wonderful day!

PS. I might start this thing called “100 days of my life” which I hope to last for the entire 100 days. “100 days of my life” is basically 100 days of blog posts which will be about my life, basically documenting those days. Some of the posts will be about life hacks, or my opinion regarding a issue at the time, and stuff like that. Its a goal I’ve had for a while, to post regularly.

Its 9:57 and I’m excited for DWTS! Oh and of course, YOU ARE LOVED ❤



Hello Blog,

Lately I haven’t been posting much because I didn’t have anything to inspire me to write a post. Until last week. So I have been gone for a week for this camp that is held every 4 years. Hundreds attend and it happened that 2,500 + came this year. We basically are camping on this huge field which is divided into sections for each site. Anyways, at my site there were 7 other girls. One of which is one of my best friend. She’s been close with me for about 5 years and more. At this camp she decides to tell me about her anxiety, because she wanted me to know since we were going to be with each other for a week. When she told me about it I didn’t think about it much since she was self assessed. Last week made me think about anxiety more, because of the circumstance I was in. But I won’t go in detail about it. And before I get even deeper into this, I would like to warn anyone who is reading this that I am no expert or professional in this topic. Anything I address about this topic is just a opinion.


Anxiety is a big topic nowadays because of the society we live in. With social media, and all we tend to get overwhelmed. Or at least thats how I feel. See, growing up I felt free, and safe. To some extent I was fearless. Like I can do anything and nobody can tell me I can’t. Unless of course I do something bad. But I felt as though I didn’t care of what others though or how they would react. I wasn’t even embarrassed if I did something stupid. And I did a lot of stupid things when I was young, a lot of kids did. But of course I didn’t know what I was doing. Or did I?


Sometime between our years of growing up we changed, or evolved maybe even lost something that made us think different. Maybe the hormones and emotions that came with puberty. Its funny how when we are young we don’t care about what people think then all the sudden we don’t, but for some adult they learn how to not care again. Some people even say they grow out of their fears when they are older. But don’t they still have hormones and emotions? And why doesn’t everyone grow out of their fears? Then this is all mental. Right?


Some of you are probably wondering how does this even have to do with ANXIETY? For me it has everything to do with anxiety. When I searched the definition of anxiety it defined it as: distress or uneasiness of mind caused by fear of danger or misfortune. The 2 words that stuck out me was MIND and FEAR.  To me anxiety is the fear of people, someone, something. It is a mental fear of that individual, group of people, and even that activity or something. Anxiety isn’t something to joke about, It’s serious and my suggestion is to go to a doctor about it. Unfortunately a lot of people suffer from it. Some worst then others.Though there are quite a few who might think they have it but mistake it for something else. 


What we all forget is that this is all mental. Its is all in our heads. I always forget and its hard to even comprehend the fact that we can change it. We get lost and confused but we end up finding the strength again. We become fearless when we find the strength. I know this entire thing is cheesy, but I feel as though we can change that. That we will find the strength one day to be fearless and not give a damn on what other would think. Maybe that day will be legendary and cure all anxiety. But for now was can strive for that goal. I am still young and have a road ahead of me. But for now I am on my way to that day where I find my strength. I hope for all the best with all of you.


Good Night, and its 11:55pm and you are all loved.

-Joe ❤


But before I go heres a little song to keep you going.